… NRF2 Activator

Comprised of natural plant ingredients, Protandim is a patented, science-based, research-backed formula that has been tested and validated by renowned universities and institutions from around the world. Click here to see the National Institute of Health’s Peer-Reviewed Studies on Protandim.

What Protandim Does:

  • Reduces Oxidative Stress levels Average of 40% in 30 days
  • Increases Anti-aging enzymes in genes:     Superoxide Dismutase by 30% Catalase by 54%  and  Glutathione  by 300%
  • Reduces Inflammation and Pain. 
  • Improves mental clarity and energy
  • Improves overall sense of wellness!
  • ONE pill / day for 30 days reduces your cell’s age to that of a 20 year-old.

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